Building With Source

Working collaboratively and efficiently to provide easy access to a cleaner energy.


Optimising form and function for efficient energy distribution.

Source Energy have designed our integrated energy network with the mindset of both architects, owners and occupiers in mind. This approach ensures that both the design and integrity of the building are optimised at all stages of development.

Working with the design of the building is a priority at Source Energy, facilitated by our smart meters which help save space within the site main switchboard and sub mainboards in the complex.

Our collaborative and adaptable process facilitates an efficient and feasible installation of their integrated energy network, overall improving the energy rating of the building upon completion.


We’ve made the integration of our energy network as efficient as possible, taking into account and working within your existing build timeframes by leveraging a strong network of contractors.

Working alongside energy consultants, structural engineers, developers and builders, Source Energy creates a collaborative environment during the build and installation of the integrated energy network into the development. We take responsibility for installing the communications, solar and batteries into the building, as well as supplying the smart meters to be installed.


Source Energy remains involved throughout the entirety of the process, from the build of the integrated energy network, to owners and occupiers moving into the building, making for a smooth transition from start to finish.

A high level of communication is shared between all stakeholders, strata managers and occupiers ensuring that all involved have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the integrated network, including the HotSource Dashboard.

Operate and Maintain

After the build is complete Source Energy remains a constant point of contact throughout the duration of the contract. Where other companies will opt out after the build is complete, Source stays involved, updating technology as new variations are developed to make certain that all involved continue to benefit from the integrated energy network. This pushes the longevity of both the relationship and network beyond what is currently being offered in regards to energy acquisition.

Project Calculator

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