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Providing energy solutions for improved value, enhanced design and increased development efficiencies.

With over a decade in renewable energy experience over multiple successful projects, the team at Source Energy ensures that the benefits flow directly to our consumers.

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Did you know?

Two thirds of apartment owners believe that sustainability infrastructure embedded in the building will improve the saleability and resale value of their apartments.

of apartment owners believe sustainable infrastructure is a sound investment decision.

What stood out to us about Source Energy was their ability to take over the whole project from the solar panels, invoicing, the customer support and care. Because we wanted to move forward on what we know best which is the actual development, but at the same time have a good green outcome and more affordable electricity for the tennants.

Ben Gorjy, Yaran Property Group

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Working with Source

While energy is an essential component to all building projects, there are multiple benefits of doing it the right way.

Engaging with Source at an early stage can assist with obtaining planning bonuses with local government, reduced capital costs, improved space efficiency and enhanced marketing and sales outcomes.

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