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The future of cleaner energy

Living in a building that is powered by Source Energy means easy access to renewable and affordable energy.

One of the main benefits of living within a building powered by Source Energy is that we have designed all our processes and technology with our customers’ experience as a top priority. One of your main interactions with Source Energy will be engaging with the HotSource Dashboard.

From our advanced metering system we can give you access to real-time information, gaining a deeper understanding of your energy consumption. This enables you to have tighter control over your energy usage, for example altering your behaviours depending on the weather!

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Setting Up Your HotSource Account

HotSource is your go to platform when it comes to your future connection with energy and setting up your HotSource Account is simple.

From there one easy login will show you your electricity usage and manage all of your account details. HotSource makes billing quick and easy with automatic payments and you can update your details if they need changing.

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