Source Energy, your renewable energy provider of choice. A Western Australian-based company developing innovative technology to spark cleaner and more affordable energy solutions.

The global climate crisis is starting to take its toll on the way we live today and our quality of life in the future. Australia is on the brink of a renewable energy movement, with more consumers re-evaluating their energy use and the effect they are having on a larger global scale.

Recognising a significant gap in the renewable energy market, Source Energy was inspired to design sophisticated and sustainable energy solutions, providing choice and transparency in an otherwise opaque energy retailing market.

Since being acquired by ATCO in 2018, Source Energy has leveraged the decades of experience and expertise of the group, which have consistently delivered integrated energy solutions across the globe since 1947.

Led by a passionate team, Source Energy has developed an integrated energy system that combines solar power with the existing grid network. This technology is designed to facilitate better outcomes for developers, strata managers and owner-occupiers with options for capital free infrastructure and annual rebates. Since pioneering this technology in 2016, Source Energy has developed flexible solutions for new builds as well as introducing renewable energy to existing buildings. Explore bringing renewable energy into your building with Source Energy’s Project Calculator:

“l want to leave the world in a better state than when we found it,” explains Executive Manager, Adam Stavretis. This is the ethos that drives the Source Energy team in proactively working to pivot Western Australia away from fossil fuels. The technology Source Energy developed was done so to maximise the quality of life for all tenants in modern, multi-residential and commercial builds.

Scott Bellerby from B Strata describes their experience with Source Energy, praising their resourcefulness. “Source is always looking at innovative ways to reduce the energy consumption within the building, which is really refreshing. They don’t just set it up and walk away. What I found about Source is they are always coming back to the building and looking at ways to drive down energy consumption within the scheme.”

Learn more about the direct benefits of Source Energy for developers from some of our recent projects:

East Bank, a luxe urban living complex located in the bustling suburb of East Perth, is a prime example of Source Energy’s innovation in action. Combining a 55kWp system and a 10kWhr battery, East Bank’s photovoltaics system stores excess solar energy throughout the day and distributes renewable power long into the night, ensuring a constant source of energy.

Source Energy’s technology is intentionally designed to make accessing renewable energy an effortless process, ensuring both the design and integrity of the building is optimised at all stages. Unlike other energy providers, the team at Source is present throughout the entirety of a project, from the design phase to installation and after completion. Bringing Source Energy into your building means entering into a collaborative partnership, growing towards a sustainable future.

Source Energy photovoltaics technology extends past just harnessing the power of the sun, instead focussing on creating solutions that elevate your tenants’ lifestyle. The solutions are also available as capital expenditure free infrastructure options, including Battery Energy Storage Systems, Electrical Vehicle Chargers and exclusive to Source Energy, Hot Source Billing.

Hot Source Billing is just one of the ways that Source Energy continues to strive to create solutions that directly benefit the consumer. Hot Source offers real-time energy dashboards, allowing Source customers to gain valuable insights into their energy usage. This deeper understanding empowers all tenants to adjust how and when they consume energy, resulting in lower energy bills for themselves and reduced impacts on the environment.

Source Energy works strategically with developers and strata managers to implement integrated energy solutions. Contact Source Energy today to unlock the potential of solar power in your existing site or future build.

This article was written by Adam Stavretis to be published by Business News