Source General Manager, Alexander Bruce said this year a big focus for the company has been understanding what customers are looking for from their electricity provider.

“Our previous system served us well initially, but as we’ve been growing its quirks became more like niggles, which are now a thing of the past,” Mr Bruce said.

“HotSource allows customers to view their electricity usage and manage all of their account details from their phone or device.”

Mr Bruce said this advanced technology not only gives our customers better visibility of their usage, and help them manage their usage accordingly, but it also simplifies the billing process.

“Source is the energy provider of choice, we add value to the community, to our customers and to the planet,” he said.

“Source is the energy provider of choice, we add value to the community, to our customers and to the planet.”

Source is a Western Australian-based company dedicated to providing cleaner, affordable and more innovative energy solutions to its customers, which designs, builds, owns and operates Integrated Energy Networks.

Source was founded in 2016 with a goal to deliver renewable energy, using a combination of grid electricity and solar energy to apartment developments, while addressing consumers’ needs for greater control over their costs and ensuring stability in the broader energy network.

Source is part of the ATCO group of companies, which bring decades of knowledge and support to ensure strength, safety and security to the projects we work on.

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Save on electricity costs for the future

Official forecasts recently published by the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) estimated the cost of electricity is set to rise in Western Australia – proving there is no better time for developers, owners and renters to look at alternatives.

Retrofit first for Source

The Source team have recently installed WA’s first Retrofit for a building of 24 apartments in Rockingham.